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Manifestation Magic Bundle

Manifestation Magic Bundle

The Manifestation Magic Bundle is what you need to activate your next-level manifestation practice.

In this bundle I have included both foundation and advanced concepts and techniques which will be a game-changer for you no matter how far along your spiritual development journey you are.

Included in this bundle is...

✔️Deliberate Creator - a 3 part series to unlock manifestation which will inspire and motivate you with breakthroughs and step by step plan to manifest.

✔️ Two Minute Miracle - the most effective journalling technique and manifestation practice that I know! It takes 2 minutes and will shift your results fast - plus, it's really fun!

✔️ Manifest While You Sleep - This advanced law of attraction technique will have you call in miracles while you sleep! This is no joke - the feedback I receive and the results I have personally had show me how powerful this technique truly is. Manifestation can't get any easier and more magical than this!

✔️ 7 Day Manifestation Reset - This 7 day journal process is ideal for those wanting to reset their energy, get aligned with what they want and give focus, power and intention to their goals. Each day you will be doing powerful, activating exercises that will give you big results. The Manifestation Reset works for those who can only spend 10 minutes journalling as well as for those who want to write for hours!

With this intention bundle of training and powerful daily practices and tools - you will definitely be able to reach your next level of the law of attraction mastery!

4 Modules

Deliberate Creator - Unlock The Key To Manifestation

Welcome seeker! This is such a great training and I know you'll get a lot out of it! Make sure to watch all 3 parts to maximize your shift and results!

Training 1 - Unshakeable Foundation - Where we create the rock-solid foundation to your law of attraction practice. When you neglect this part, your practice will fall short and results will be inconsistent.

Training 2 - How To Manifest - This is EXACTLY how manifestation work step by step! In this module you will also learn what holds 99% of us back and how to avoid doing it yourself. This jam-packed module is definitely one you'll want to re-watch and take tons of notes!

Training 3 - Making It Reality - This is where you plan and map out your formula for success! This is all about making sure your new tools and practices become a reality and you start experiencing what you really want.

The Two Minute Miracle Training

Manifest While You Sleep

7 Day Manifestation Reset

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