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Welcome seeker, I'm Talia.

You are in the right place if you are ready to hack the law of attraction, deepen your spiritual connection, amplify your gifts, unlock your manifestation process and quantum leap into the life you're meant for. 

Cheers to your inevitable success!!

Available Products

Unblock Me! Free Guide

Discover the 5 most common subconscious blocks that are holding you back from manifesting the life you're meant for. With the Unblock Me method you will identify and release what is keeping you stuck.

Manifestation Magic Bundle

This bundle is focused on giving you the most effective and potent teachings and practices that you need to start getting massive, magical results with the law of attraction! With both trainings and powerful daily practices and tools - you will definitely be able to reach your next level of loa mastery.

The Two Minute Miracle

Explode your journalling practice!! The Two Minute Miracle is the best manifestation journalling technique (and most fun!!) that I know for calling in manifestations fast! This has a been a staple in my manifestation practice for years. If you do only one thing, do this - it's that good!

Clearing The Path Training

Dissolve your subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs! This beautiful training will show you exactly how to pinpoint what is holding you back and release it so that you can manifest your desires. This is one of my most popular trainings!

Manifest While You Sleep

Manifest While You Sleep is a high-level training that teaches leading edge manifestation technique! This is an easy-to-do practice that WILL get you big results. I use it daily and have been able to bring in extra cash, clients, clarity, support and success into my life.

The Aligned Empath

Welcome to 5 days of manifestation exercises specifically for sensitive souls! Each day a new module will be unlocked. Follow along and watch yourself feel more connected, grounded and magical as you learn how to manifest being an empath.

Money Magic Bundle

This is perfect for the seekers who are ready to jump into the next level of money manifestation! The money magic bundle consists of...

✔️ Money Mentality Masterclass

✔️ Money Mentality Workbook

✔️ Detox Your Money Blocks - 7 Day Reset

Detox Your Money Blocks 7 Day Reset

You are ready bust into your next level of abundance and wealth! The problem is... you have blocks (we all do!). Detox Your Money Blocks is a 7 day mindset detox and energy shift!

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